Q: Are the Community Association Managers Certified?
A: Yes, the managers have received the Certified Community Association Manager designation.

Q: What is the telephone and fax number of the company?
A: The telephone number is (916) 564-2115 and the fax number is (916) 564-2118.

Q: Does your company maintain a web page for each association?
A: Yes, each association has a member's only area containing their community information.

Q: Do you maintain a file for each homeowner?
A: For full-service, yes.

Q: How often are the bank accounts reconciled?
A: The accounts are reconciled monthly.

Q: How are members billed for their monthly dues?
A: Coupons or statements are used based on the Board of Directors decision.

Q: Does your company use trust accounts?
A: No, association funds are never commingled.

Q: Does your company use in-house maintenance services?
A: No, all maintenance is performed by outside contractors.

Q: Does your company charge a fee for monitoring maintenance jobs.
A: No.

Q: Are collection fees billed to the association?
A: No, collection fees are billed directly to the homeowner.