Prepare quarterly information documents detailing future association maintenance or reserve projects.
Provide general information sheets to all homeowners detailing office hours, important phone numbers etc.
Respond promptly to all e-mail inquiries from homeowners or Board members.
Provide bi-weekly onsite inspections of all common areas and address identified issues or complaints.
Produce bi-monthly newsletter.
Prepare Board meeting packages for each meeting.


Prepare monthly financial reports (i.e. balance sheet, income statement, budget comparison).
Prepare cash disbursements.
Assist with Reserve Study Preparation.
Assist the Board in preparing the annual budget.
Prepare assessment collections for delinquent accounts.


Maintain professional relationships with all vendors performing work for the association.
Develop and mail all correspondence and notices required by the C.C. & R's.
Prepare year-end reports necessary to complete year-end tax and financial reports.
Attend Board meetings as specified by the Board of Directors and management contract.
Perform escrow services to record ownership changes in conjunction with title companies.


Maintain a database of homeowner calls/requests for maintenance.
Maintain a database of all vendors, insurance and tax identification numbers.
Assist the Board in developing documents soliciting requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposal (RFP) on maintenance and long-term reserve projects.
Monitor contracts and jobs approved by the association to ensure quality and compliance with job specifications.